FFA State Degree Information

The FFA State Degree is the highest degree students can earn while in high school.  As well, students completing the ABLE course must complete the State Degree application for Economics credit.

The State Degree Application - go to the The AET

State Degree Test Bank:

Presentation Rubric/Guidelines (be sure to review p8):

Douglas County Fair and Lamb Show Information

Below you will find links to relevant and required information, forms, and documents for both the Douglas County Fair and Lamb Show.


Lamb Show

Lamb ShowLamb Show is the first Saturday in June.  Posession deadline for market lambs is April 1st and weigh-in is the first Saturday of April.

-->  Click here for the Lamb Show premium book (classes and rules)

-->  Click here for the COOL/Market Animal Affidvait (due May 1 for Market Lambs to OSU Extension)




Douglas County Fair

FairFair is the first full week of August.  Both market steers and market hogs are sold at fair, and breeding stock is shown.  Fair also includes mechanics exhibits, plant exhibits, landscaping exhibit, livestock judging, presentations, and more.

--> Click here for the FFA Fair premium book (classes and rules)

--> Click here for the COOL/Market Animal Affidavit (due July 1 for Market Steers/Hogs to OSU Extension)

--> Click here for Camper applications (turn in to OSU Extension by dates on the form)


SAE Recordbook

If you have an online spreadsheet from 2009:
Go to http://www.editgrid.com/user/sutherlinffa/FirstName_LastName (replace with your name, and include the underscore) and use your Student ID as the password.

For 2010:
You are now using the online recordbook that is part of SutherlinFFA.org (mySAE Recordbook):
Login and go to the User Menu, selecting "mySAE Recordbook".  Here is where you will manage daily records (hours, income, expenses, goals, activities, etc)

For the cover page, inventory, and financial pages (completed only twice a year) go here.